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Our Philosophy

Staff members at the Vancouver Plastic Surgery Center recognize that undergoing surgery is an important decision which may be an intimidating experience for many patients. We are sensitive to those feelings and strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing a secure environment where every patient will feel safe, and where every patient's confidentiality and privacy are respected.

We are working in a field that is constantly changing and therefore, we must stay ahead of the curve through regular surgical education. Our job is to incorporate the most recent advances in plastic surgery, to determine what is effective and what is not, and to competently deliver these technologies to the patients who trust us. Throughout the process, the health and well-being our patients is paramount and nothing will compromise our focus on that objective.

In the end, the philosophy of the surgical team is simple: we are committed to a culture of patient safety and the uncompromised pursuit of excellent surgical results.